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What Is Microsoft Azure & Why Should I Invest in It for My Company?

Cloud Computing Services

The name of Microsoft Azure is everywhere these days; it appears in so many situations and in so many different contexts. The cloud-based platform incorporates over 200 different products designed for and dedicated to application management solutions. Azure involves multiple things simultaneously – software as service, platform as service and infrastructure as service, a variety of programming languages made available, a variety of frameworks and systems form either from Microsoft or from reliable and verified third-party providers, all in one place. Here are some of the benefits offered by this complex, yet user-friendly platform that you can use in your company, too.

Unparalleled Speed, but in a Different Way

When it comes to speed, most people think of ping rates and time units that are a expressed in a fraction of a second. While Azure takes interest in that aspect as well, they define speed as something completely different, giving the user the ease and the friendliness that will lead to the speedy solution of any issue. Speed in the world of Azure is measured in how fast apps are created and launched via the platform, how quickly upgrades and downgrades can be made, how quickly machine learning can become a useful tool in the hands of a particular team and how quickly data can be recovered from offsite storage. Speed, in this sense, is achieved by Azure by means of robust, reliable automation features as well as with the help of complex, but stable templates.

Easy Scalability

Companies that use Azure can upgrade or downgrade the services they are subscribed to with a few clicks and they can change the plans they subscribe for as many times as they wish to. Companies also pay for only what they use, for nothing more, which also gives the user company the ability to calculate their costs accurately and to figure out what they can and what they cannot afford.

Disaster Recovery

Azure Cloud Computing Services offer a variety of solutions for companies that are looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of their data backup approach or that need a way to reduce their downtime. The methods proposed by Azure include regular backups into the cloud, system testing performed virtually to prepare for worst-case scenarios and other approaches as well.

Security at State-of-the-Art Levels

Azure could not have achieved the continued success it does without providing state-of-the-art security features. Azure leverages the knowledge and experience of Microsoft’s extraordinary team of security experts and provides superior protection for all the data that is managed and accessed through the Azure system. The platform is also able to assess the security threats and risks that individual systems are exposed to, helping customers understand the weak points of their systems and facilitating the consolidation of corporate systems.

Continuous Updates Rolled Out

Azure is being continuously improved through updates that are rolled out without causing any hindrance in the customer’s system, without slowing down any of the functionalities in the slightest and without causing worries related to conflicts between the available functionalities.

The Process of Hiring an HR Company for Your Human Resources Needs

If your company has already grown beyond a point where you can use your own employees to take care of important HR matters, you might find yourself having to outsource your HR tasks to a professional human resources company. This initiative will help limit your problems and streamline the entire process of taking care of your company’s employees, their complaints and their specific requirements.

But how do you find and hire a skilled team of HR service providers that you can actually rely upon? Is there a specific process, or does it differ from one company to the other?

outsourcing HR

Before You Hire Anyone

While there are specific things you need to keep in mind that are related to your own company in particular, the process of hiring an HR company can be streamlined and standardized. There are mainly a few general points to keep in mind before outsourcing HR responsibilities:

  1. Keep track of your budget, and make sure you can afford their services. If you’ll be losing money after calculating your bottom line, then it might not be worth the cost.
  2. Is your company large enough to justify hiring an HR company? While HR companies can offer a lot of benefits, they’re not that practical when you don’t have enough work for them to do.
  3. What type of industry are you operating in? This point is extremely important, since each HR company has its own set of policies and HR strategies, and some of those will work better for managing the employees of a large manufacturing company, rather than those working in a small office.
  4. Do you already have an HR specialist? Or maybe you’ve previously hired an HR company that you don’t want to keep. In both instances, it’s important to consider your strategy of switching from one HR provider to the other, before you even consider hiring a new company.

Important Tasks for Your Transition

Once you decide on the company you wish to hire, there will be a lot of important tasks to consider as you hand over the reins to them, especially if you had your own employees taking care of HR business previously.

Assigning the HR experts their own office on the premises will be the least of your worries during this period. You’ll have to consider the strategy that they will adopt and make sure it aligns with your business’ policy and overall organizational scheme. You’ll also have to keep track of how they handle important matters such as the screening of candidates for new positions, payroll issues, or complaints from existing employees.

You might find that, because the HR experts you outsource your tasks to come from a different company, they will want to do things differently. Even though there might not be a conflict of interest, you still have to remember that this it’s the success of your company and your employees that is at stake and that you need to make sure from the start that the HR provider you choose will be able to adapt their strategies and policies to at least meet you halfway.

Tips To Find a Good Medicare Consultant

The federal health insurance program called Medicare is available for all people over the age of 65 as well as for people younger than that age who are suffering from certain medical conditions or belong to certain other categories. The Medicare system is complex and it includes so many plans, options and programs that identifying the best plan, navigating eligibility conditions, keeping track of the new programs implemented and staying on top of all the related activities can feel overwhelming or at least very difficult. Fortunately, the people trying to understand the Medicare system looking for the best coverage can seek professional help by turning to an experienced and knowledgeable Medicare consultant. Here are some important things to know about Medicare and some tips about how to find the advisor who can help you make the most of your Medicare eligibility.

Medicare Insurance Advisors

Understand How Medicare Consultants Represent the Interests of Their Clients

The Medicare system consists of an Original Medicare program composed of Part A that provides a certain amount of coverage for hospice/hospital treatments, Part B with coverage for outpatient treatments and Part D that provides coverage for prescription drugs. Medicare also includes Part C, also called Medicare Advantage, that is the alternative to Parts A, B and D, with services provided through private companies.

The Original Medicare program covers for some of the costs of hospital and outpatient treatments, usually requiring the patients to cover the rest out of their own pockets, which is the point when enrollment into other programs, such as Part C or Medicare Supplement become important as means to cover for the expenses that are outside the coverage of Original Medicare.

The process of choosing the most adequate coverage and figuring out the options available based on eligibility is complex and daunting, a good decision requiring thorough research and diverse knowledge, which is exactly what Medicare Insurance Advisors can offer. These professionals are usually independent experts who represent multiple plan providers and who have experience and all the professional knowledge needed to review the client’s status, to make recommendations regarding the best plan to choose as well as to assist the client with all the related tasks, including paperwork.

How to Find a Good Medicare Consultant

There are many ways to identify good Medicare Insurance Advisors in your area. Those interested in working with such an independent professional can talk to the people in their personal network to find out whether any of their friends, family members or acquaintances are in touch with a Medicare advisor and they can also use the internet to perform the necessary research. The internet is a great source of information when it comes to checking the recommendations made by personal contacts – the best consultants have their own website where they describe their services and where they provide information regarding their licenses, the insurers they partner with as well as their contact details. The internet is also a good source of information when it comes to checking the reputation of local Medicare consultants – the reviews and rating provided by a specific consultant’s previous clients is most revealing and very important to check.

What Are the Defining Characteristics of a Credit Union?

Castle Rock credit union

Credit unions are non-profit financial institutions the account holders of which are called members and are the co-owners of their union. While credit unions share many features with other types of financial organizations, such as banks and lenders, they also have some features that are unique to them – here are some of these defining characteristics.

Characteristics Shared with Other Types of Financial Institutions

Like banks, a local Castle Rock credit union offers various types of accounts, including checking accounts and savings accounts and they also offer credit cards, various credit lines and loans. They usually have branch offices as well as ATMs.

Characteristics that Distinguish Credit Unions

Credit unions are also very different from conventional banks, the areas that set them apart being their approach toward profit and toward their account holders.

While banks are profit-oriented companies that are either privately owned or traded publicly, credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned by their account holders – called members, credit union account holders are owners of the credit union they join, which also means that the profit made by credit unions is distributed toward the members, usually in the form of yearly dividends. The ownership status of the members also gives the members the right to vote about important decisions related to the way their credit union is run, such as the composition of the board or the developments in the field of IT infrastructure.

Another important difference between banks and credit unions is the way they handle customer service. While the services of large banks are often impersonal and cold, a Castle Rock credit union provides services that are more accessible, friendlier and more focused on the needs of the customer. Credit unions are often involved in community enrichment projects and many of them offer free financial education seminars and workshops to their members.

The products and services available with credit unions are essentially the same as the features offered by banks, but with some notable differences. The terms and conditions related to the products and services available with credit unions are usually much more favorable than the ones offered by banks – not being focused on profit, credit unions offer higher interest rates on deposits, lower interest rates on loans, smaller minimum deposits, mortgages, auto loans and other loans with more convenient repayment conditions. Most credit unions are also willing to work with people who are not considered creditworthy by banks and who have had previous difficulties repaying loans.

Like banks, credit union deposits are also guaranteed by the government, but in a slightly different way. While bank deposits are guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the amount of $250,000, the deposits made in federal credit unions and in many state credit unions are guaranteed up to the same amount, but by a different organization, one called the National Credit Union Administration. Not all credit unions provide such guarantee, though – some of them are privately insured, so before you choose the credit union to join it is a good idea to check the organization’s insurance affiliation.

What Makes an Executive Search Firm Valuable

Leadership requires the ability to take the initiative and have self-confidence. Startups are often characterized by the team’s desire to do a little bit of everything, as well as to take risks. Even market-leading companies must take risks to maintain their position and keep growing. The challenge is to find leaders who can create an entrepreneurial culture, regardless of the size of the organization.

The duration of a consulting project for the recruitment of a manager can vary from one industry to another and, of course, depend on the complexity of the position. In some cases, recruitment may extend beyond the country. One of the difficulties that began to appear more and more often is related to the fact that many candidates, especially those selected for lower positions, fail to show up at interviews, citing various reasons or excuses.

The process of recruiting a manager has several stages: understanding the company’s need, search and recruitment strategy, research, direct search, database analysis (local and/ or international), sourcing, LinkedIn, etc. To these are added interviews, evaluation reports, status, etc., introduction of the short list, interviews with the employer, negotiations, closing the notice period, starting the actual job.

executive search firms

Given the complexity of the process, it is best to turn to executive search firms. The choice to collaborate with such specialists is valuable for several reasons.

  1. Recruitment time decreases

Depending on the position you want to find an executive for – top manager, senior manager, middle manager -, also depending on how permissive or restrictive the requirements and conditions for that job are and the impact it has on the business, the decision period may vary from a month (this is the optimist scenario that happens if you already know the candidate) up to a year. Of course, each project and position has its own peculiarities, so that even specialists can work on a consulting project for recruiting a junior that lasts longer than you would expect, maybe even longer than recruiting a manager. But working with an executive search firm definitely brings you faster results than if you did all this using your own resources.

  1. Understanding the factors that influence recruitment

An executive search company knows that, depending on what you are looking for – top, senior or middle manager – these factors differ: the people you talk to, the experience of your company in working with Executive Search firms, the urgency of the requirement, its clarity, what is required versus what is offered, how rare the required skills are, the key stakeholders around that role and their interests regarding that role, the quality of the available candidates, their number etc.

  1. The success of the recruitment

Once the recruitment is completed, the question arises as to how to measure the success of such a process and whether it is enough to identify the right person and hire them within the company.

Success is measured when the recruited manager integrates and starts to deliver results. At that time you realized that collaborating with an executable search firm was extremely important for these very good professional results.

What Are The Top Characteristics of A Great Roofing Company

Choosing the material and installation equipment for a roof is often a more difficult task than it seems at first glance. However, considering that the roof protects the entire structure of the house, you should pay due attention, and the choice criteria should not be limited to the price.

What you have to choose very carefully is the company that is going to build the roof, because the following course of actions will depend on it. When you decide to hire a roofing company, it is important to keep in mind certain aspects. Roughly speaking, a professional roofer must have a valid operating license, expertise and reputation.

Before considering anything else you need to check if roof remodeling contractors Denver companies are licensed. This is a proof that the company has all the documents in order, complies with all the safety rules and you will not have any legal problems with it. If the company does not have a license, it cannot conclude a valid contract, and if they will not respect the contract or something goes wrong, you will have no legal basis to sue them.

remodeling contractors Denver

When you look for a roofing company, you should have a clear budget for your project, because you must compare the offers and price estimates you get with your available budget. Often, these companies offer customized service packages to meet your needs.

It is also a good idea to look for remodeling contractors Denver companies that offer diverse services but is specialized in the type of roof you need – residential or commercial, as the two types of roofing involve different methods and technologies.

Here is a list of general services a roofing company should be able to offer:

  • Technical consulting
  • Roof installation
  • Installation of different types of cover materials
  • Measurements
  • Repairs
  • Post-warranty maintenance work
  • Carpentry work
  • Attic thermal insulation
  • Pluvial systems – gutters and downspouts
  • Emergency services

It is quite difficult to check the quality of the roofing work you get, and only the time will show whether the installer did its job properly not. A professional roofer is not a con and it will work according to the REALIST budget you have previously discussed. It is directly interested in ensuring client satisfaction because its reputation depends on it.  A professional roofer will always be transparent when it comes to every aspect of the project it deals with. Many clients entrust to the roofing team everything from purchasing materials to installation, because they personally lack time and experience. Obviously, to do that, they must trust completely the roofer and make sure they get warranties. A good roofer must have experience in choosing the best materials for a certain roofing project, estimate the quantities, taking into account the losses and offer warranties.

The roofing company you want to hire to execute your work must be transparent, there must be no hidden costs, workmanship must be included in the price, and the work schedule and deadlines must be respected.

Interview Tips for Mental Health Professionals

What can you do with a diploma in the mental health field? – This is not a question with a single answer, as there are many jobs associated with this professional environment. With a degree in psychology, you can pursue a career in healthcare and therapy (expert psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker or counselor), or even in education and research.

If you are looking for psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs Massachusetts opportunities, or other mental health professional opportunities, you must typically browse through offers and attend job interviews. The exact purpose of the job interview is to determine the extent to which the candidate, i.e. you, meets the needs of the employer. The employer has decided, based on the information available in the CV and the letter of intent, possibly also on the basis of recommendations, to give you the opportunity to prove why you are the best candidate for that position. Do not forget, however, that the interview can be a confirmation, but also a denial of the compatibility of your candidate profile with that of the job profile. The perfect candidate is almost never the ideal employee. As such, the employer will seek to determine, at the end of the meeting with you, whether you are elected, whether you are the person able to answer meet all the job requirements.

searching for psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs in Massachusetts

A few interview tips

Before going to a job interview you should think about questions specific to the mental health field that recruiters might ask you and which may relate to the specific skills of such a job or your previous experience, if any. Try to be ready for any scenario.

The answers you give during a job interview may depend on the job you apply for as well as the employer itself. As such, it is advisable to think about these details before each interview with a different employer.

It is very important that when you go to a job interview you have an attitude that highlights your personality and skills. As a mental health professional, you may have an advantage, considering that your education in psychology can help you handle the situation better than other candidates.

Always try to give the impression that you are in control, but not by aggressively dominating the conversation and strenuously imposing your point of view. By doing so, you will just sign your rejection. Being in control in a job interview involves radiating a sense of calm, trust and competence around you. That’s because you want to communicate that you are a professional and the best choice for that job.

A candidate who goes to the interview with the feeling that he/she is in control will create a climate of safety, predictability and absence of risks. These are subtle qualities that recruiters value, although many are not even aware of it.

Time is an important resource, which is why no employer will call to an interview a person that they already know is not able to handle the job requirements. When you go to an interview, you should be aware that the employer expects you to do well and it is up to you to confirm their expectations. Use these positive expectations in your favor.

Hiring Tips For Finding A Great Counselor

Searchning For Mental Health Jobs And Counselors Near Me

A psychological problem is not synonymous with mental illness, so it is important to know what specialist you need and how you find it.

Let’s first make a difference between three terms that people often use interchangeably.

  • The psychologist is a psychology graduate, specialized in labor and traffic psychology, educational psychology, school and vocational counseling, psychology for defense, public order and national security, or clinical psychology.
  • The psychotherapist is the psychologist specializing in psychotherapy, which means that after graduating from the university and eventually from a master’s degree in psychology, this specialist follows some psychotherapy and personal development training.
  • The psychological counselor is also a psychology graduate, following training courses based on self-knowledge and personal development. This professional is focused on concrete issues, on optimization and personal development. The role of the counselor is to stimulate self-knowledge and personal development, as well as prevent certain emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. However, a counselor has no competence to do psychotherapy.

What does the psychological counselor do?

Through psychological methods, the counselor mediates and guides the process of self-knowledge, improving the quality of life from a psychological point of view. He or she guides and supports the process of personal development and also prevents and regulates various imbalances and issues of emotional, cognitive or behavioral nature.

In other words, a counselor guides the person in a difficult situation, to find their own way, their own solutions.

When people have a problem or an emotional challenge, they often turn to a friend or a relative and avoid going to a counselor. The support we get from friends or relatives is important indeed, but not specialized; it is often subjective and may have an inappropriate influence.

The psychological counselor accompanies the patients in finding their own solutions, supports them to make their own decisions, and does not direct them to something that may not be right, but guides them towards finding their own way.

Finding a great counselor

It is advisable that expectations about the attitude and behavior of the counselor, how they conduct sessions and other issues related to this type of experience are discussed right from the beginning. The counselor`s duty is to clarify the details of his / her professional training, the attitude towards change, the structure of the intervention, the usefulness of each part, prioritizing objectives, confidentiality limits and expectations. Also, if the counselor notices that there is no compatibility with the patient, they should refer them to another specialist.

Finding the right counselor can change your life and the way you interact with yourself, with others and the world in general. Therefore, do not choose the first counselor that you can find; take your time and get information about the person you consider and make sure you do some real progress during your interaction.

You know you found a good counselor when:

  • you feel respected and encouraged
  • you trust their knowledge and their desire to help
  • the goals set together are realistic and you believe together in the possibility of your change
  • you feel safe
  • you do not have the feeling that you are pushed in an unwanted or unsuitable direction
  • there is mutual sympathy
  • you cannot wait for the next meeting.

If you are currently in the mental health field and looking to move it’s best to search for mental health jobs near me, to find a job close to home and close to your patient for their convenience.

How to Sell Timeshare that You No Longer Want – Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice to sell your timeshare

Many people who initially thought that a fixed-week unit might solve the problem of having to choose vacation destinations, of booking flights and accommodation later find that the timeshare they have bought into no longer fits their lifestyle or their financial situation – the family might have grown since the initial purchase, current employment might not make travelling possible in the week specified in the contract or the mortgage might be an obstacle. Whatever your reason, if you have decided to get rid of your contract, here are a few ways to sell timeshare efficiently.

Understand the Details of Your Contract

To be able to sell your timeshare efficiently, you first of all need to understand the contract. Figure out exactly the type of rights that you have bought – if it is a deeded ownership, it might be worth more than a right to use contract with a limited duration. Put together a file that includes all the documents related to the timeshare, such as maintenance documents, tax records and mortgage information to be able to determine the best asking price and to be able to answer the questions asked by potential buyers.

Ask around to Find Someone Who Wants Your Contract

The luckiest scenario is to find the right buyer among your friends or family members. Tell everyone you meet that you have a timeshare to sell – word-of-mouth advertising can be more efficient than you think. It might also be a good idea to try to find out who owns the right to use the property immediately before or after your weeks – they might be interested in taking over your contract to extend their stay on the property.

Create Listings

There are many online and offline agencies that sell or resell timeshares. Some of them specialize in timeshares exclusively, others focus on selling standard, residential properties, but have a special section for timeshares as well. They are different in terms of the related costs as well – some agencies will charge only a commission payable upon selling the property, others might charge a small upfront fee and commission as well.

Auction and Retail Sites

The largest auction and retail platforms also have sections where you can advertise your property, but make sure you read the terms and conditions of usage of he website very carefully and you understanding the selling and bidding process to avoid unpleasant surprises. To make the selling process more efficient, research existing ads to finely tune your pricing and to create an ad that makes your property look attractive.

Talk to Your Seller

Many timeshare sellers have buy-back programs as well, so you might contact them to offer them your rights over the property. However, the main focus of these companies is usually on selling new properties, so they might not offer the best price, but it is definitely worth a try.

Classified Ads

You can try advertising your timeshare property in your local newspaper or you can join a timeshare owners club for help – they offer various member services, including classified ads that are targeted directly towards audiences interested in buying.

How Do Bonds Work and Why Are They Truly Needed?

Different Types of Bonds

When it comes to finances, bonds represent one of the most significant concepts you need to know about. With the help of bonds, cities can build their infrastructure, companies can invest huge amounts in erecting large buildings, and just about anyone who invests their money wisely can benefit. But what are bonds, and why do so many people consider them a viable investment option? Let’s explore that answer and many others below.


Understanding the Concept Behind How Bonds Work


So, how do bonds work anyway? The idea behind bonds is that companies and large government or state entities cannot borrow money from the bank as most regular people or small businesses would. The premise is that the amounts required are too big even for most banks to handle on their own.


As a result, these entities will issue what are known as bonds, in order to obtain the financing they require. Bonds are, therefore, essentially loans. When you purchase a bond, you give your money to the entity in question, which then uses it as capital to fuel its projects and initiatives. The returns and profits are then funneled back to the original investors along with the appropriate interest rate (known in this case as a “coupon”), according to the terms of the bond.


The amount of time that elapses until the “date of maturity” marks the time when the bond has to be repaid. As expected, long-term bonds will have higher interest rates, although some are actually what is known as floating rate bonds. This means the interest rate will adjust itself depending on the market value.


Different Types of Bonds


Depending on who issues a bond and why, there are a number of different varieties of bonds that have to be considered. In many cases, just about anyone with enough capital can purchase bonds and invest in various initiatives:


  • Corporate bonds are some of the most common types of bonds available. They are typically issued by corporations that require large amounts for certain commercial, manufacturing or business-related projects. When you buy a corporate bond, your money goes to the company, and is then returned in regular payments along with the established interest.


  • Similarly, states and cities can issue municipal bonds. These bonds serve to finance large infrastructural projects such as building bridges, schools and airports.


  • Government-issued bonds are considered to be safest. When it comes to governments, projects need to be financed that affect the entire nation. In the case of the US government, bonds are typically issued to the treasury or to various government agencies.


  • There are even bonds that people can use to pay the amount requested for bail, when they are arrested. You can look for 24 hour bail bonds near me to find the closest one to you when needed.  So-called bail bondsmen or bail bonds agents can be contracted to provide a surety known as a bail bond. The amount they offer can pay large amounts when needed for bail. Of course, the premise is that the defendant should be allowed to pay bail – which is not the case in extreme cases.


Bonds can be remarkably useful both for the investor and for the company, person(s) or entity that benefits from them. You can use bonds to build a fortune, start a new company or raise money to pay for projects that would normally be very difficult to finance.