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What Is Microsoft Azure & Why Should I Invest in It for My Company?

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The name of Microsoft Azure is everywhere these days; it appears in so many situations and in so many different contexts. The cloud-based platform incorporates over 200 different products designed for and dedicated to application management solutions. Azure involves multiple things simultaneously – software as service, platform as service and infrastructure as service, a variety of programming languages made available, a variety of frameworks and systems form either from Microsoft or from reliable and verified third-party providers, all in one place. Here are some of the benefits offered by this complex, yet user-friendly platform that you can use in your company, too.

Unparalleled Speed, but in a Different Way

When it comes to speed, most people think of ping rates and time units that are a expressed in a fraction of a second. While Azure takes interest in that aspect as well, they define speed as something completely different, giving the user the ease and the friendliness that will lead to the speedy solution of any issue. Speed in the world of Azure is measured in how fast apps are created and launched via the platform, how quickly upgrades and downgrades can be made, how quickly machine learning can become a useful tool in the hands of a particular team and how quickly data can be recovered from offsite storage. Speed, in this sense, is achieved by Azure by means of robust, reliable automation features as well as with the help of complex, but stable templates.

Easy Scalability

Companies that use Azure can upgrade or downgrade the services they are subscribed to with a few clicks and they can change the plans they subscribe for as many times as they wish to. Companies also pay for only what they use, for nothing more, which also gives the user company the ability to calculate their costs accurately and to figure out what they can and what they cannot afford.

Disaster Recovery

Azure Cloud Computing Services offer a variety of solutions for companies that are looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of their data backup approach or that need a way to reduce their downtime. The methods proposed by Azure include regular backups into the cloud, system testing performed virtually to prepare for worst-case scenarios and other approaches as well.

Security at State-of-the-Art Levels

Azure could not have achieved the continued success it does without providing state-of-the-art security features. Azure leverages the knowledge and experience of Microsoft’s extraordinary team of security experts and provides superior protection for all the data that is managed and accessed through the Azure system. The platform is also able to assess the security threats and risks that individual systems are exposed to, helping customers understand the weak points of their systems and facilitating the consolidation of corporate systems.

Continuous Updates Rolled Out

Azure is being continuously improved through updates that are rolled out without causing any hindrance in the customer’s system, without slowing down any of the functionalities in the slightest and without causing worries related to conflicts between the available functionalities.